For each journey you can indicate: arrival and departure time, start and end point, journey type, number of kilometers, journey purpose and other information.

Created journeys can be easily printed or exported into PDF, Excel etc.
The Free Logbook contains all items required by law.

kniha jízd

Mobile application

You can easily create journeys on your mobile – including entering costs, refueling or journey purpose.

Our mobile application (for Android and iOS) allows youto find out immediate vehicle location on your mobile:
it tells you who from your company is where at the moment.

mobilní aplikace

Automatic logbook

With higher versions of the system, you can automatically create logbooks using your mobile phone.
Automatic journey creation is done via mobile phone pairing with Bluetooth beacon.

When paired, mobile phone starts creating journey.
When the connection with the tag is terminated, journey creation automatically ends.

kniha jízd automaticky

Practical notifications

Create system notifications that are sent to you email immediately once the set conditions are met.

For example, when vehicle enters or leaves certain area, starts moving at selected time, exceeds speed limit etc.

praktická upozornění

Refueling and operation costs

Practical record keeping of refueling, insurance or car repair expenses.

From these figures you can get information about average fuel consumption, expenses per 1 km of journey,
total expenses for repair and maintenance of all cars etc.

tankování a výdaje na provoz

Try our logbook – it is free

Download free mobile application:

App Store Google play Aplikace třetích stran

Import refueling cards

A very useful feature that frees you from filling out forms by hand..

Simply import refuelings (made by Benzina, OMV, Euroil–ČEPRO, CCS, Shell, Lukoil and other cards) into the system.

import tankovacích karet

Plan service checks

You do not have to keep track of MOT, oil change, toll sticker, car insurance… Logbook plans all this for you – and notifies you by e-mail in time.

You can plan individual checks, repairs and tasks either for a certain date or based on kilometers travelled.

plánování servisních kontrol

Vehicle reservation

Thanks to travel and vehicle reservation request forms, your company can reduce stress and misunderstandings.

The system supports both single-level and double-level authorization of vehicle reservation requests.

rezervace vozidel

Adjustable layout and modifications

You can create various user groups and set authorizations for each feature.

So the manager can use all system features while an employee can, for example, just display and print the logbook. It all depends on your current situation.

nastavitelné prostředí a úpravy

We are not dependent on any third party

We develop the whole system ourselves – that is why we can make any modifications upon request.

Various types of statistics

Detailed, brief or daily totals are available in the logbook. As are comparisons of vehicles, driver statistics etc.

You can select output format (PDF, Excel, XML) and its coding. You can easily set automatic sending of reports – daily, weekly, monthly…

různé typy statistik

API available

Thanks to this feature, you can automatically download outputs from our system – and your people can work with this data in the existing system as they are used to.

Or you can create an independent mobile application with features different from the usual logbook. We will make sure data is sent from our system.

API k dispozici

Try our logbook – it is free

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