Privacy policy

DHO s.r.o. Privacy Policy describe how we treat your personal information when you use the Services. By using our service, you agree that DHO s.r.o. may use this data in accordance with the principles of personal data protection.

When you use the services of DHO s.r.o., you entrust your data to us. This privacy policy tells you what data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it. This information is important, so we hope you will take the time to read everything carefully.

Creating a collaborative community is the highest priority of DHO s.r.o.

DHO s.r.o. When providing the Free Logbook service and other services, it strives to ensure the protection of the information of the service users.

This privacy policy describes what personal information you may share with your Free Trip Log Service Provider (the “Service”) when you install and use the Free Trip Log Service and other DHO s.r.o. services. What data DHO s.r.o. as part of the Logbook service, it receives, collects and uses it free of charge. When connecting other services with the Free Logbook service, these services may have additional General Terms and Conditions and Information Protection Principles, which users should also become familiar with, and when using the connected services, the user confirms that he has read and agrees with them.

DHO s.r.o. You can use it in many different ways, from finding and sharing information with other people, or creating new content.

When you install the Free Logbook application and create an account with the service, the Free Logbook will collect, process and store personal data from you from all devices on which you will use the application. This information may include the following: phone, email, website, first and last name, company name, location, IP address, device ID or unique identification code, device manufacturer and type, device and hardware settings, advertising ID, advertising data , operating system, operator, IMSI, connection information, location, screen resolution, usage statistics, device log, information actions, information about device events such as failures, system activity, date and time of actions and other information depending on the version used Free logbook application, application settings and settings of the Free logbook service and other services of DHO sro.

In the location service, we can determine using various technologies, such as IP address, GPS system and other sensors, which DHO s.r.o. they can provide, for example, information about nearby devices, Wi-Fi access points, and mobile network transmitters.

The User agrees that when using the Service, statistics on its use may be recorded in order to control the use of the license and improve the Portal and Services. This can be mainly information about the User's browser, operating system, IP address, time spent on the page and pages viewed. We collect information about the services you use and how you use them.

When you contact DHO s.r.o., we may keep a record of your communication to assist you in resolving any issues. We may use your email address to send you information about our services, such as notifications of upcoming changes or improvements.

DHO s.r.o. may use data obtained in connection with the use of the Free Logbook service and other DHO s.r.o. services. for its other services in connection with their operation, maintenance, extension, interconnection, improvement and development and operation of new services, control and verification of data accuracy and protection of users with the possibility of providing it to third parties. DHO s.r.o. can link data between its services such as driving with tasks, orders in the CRM system, automatic verification of appointments, etc. DHO s.r.o. it can also use this data to provide targeted advertising to users.

Creating a user account in the Free Logbook service also creates a global account that can be used to register and log in to other DHO s.r.o. services.

The information you provide in the Free Logbook profile can be used in all services offered, which will be linked to the global account for DHO s.r.o services. In addition, we can replace the previous names assigned to your account so that you have the same name in all services.

We may combine personal information from one service with information (including personal information) from other DHO s.r.o. services, as well as data and third-party applications - for example, to make it easier for you to share content with people you know. Depending on your account settings, your activity on other websites and other applications may be associated with your personal information, for example to improve DHO s.r.o. and advertisements.

If a non-paying user wants to terminate the use of the service and permanently deletes his account in the Service and other services, DHO s.r.o. may continue to process and use the data provided by the user, but the connection of the user with this data will be deleted. For inserted contributions, from